April 2, 2009

Children Little Museum

Sometimes, it do come true.

That day I was confused.

I meet up with Eileen few weeks back. We went to Haji Lane and Children Little Museum. We catch up a little and of course pretty much snaps snaps. The Museum was kind of interesting and cute where you can find so many toys from the past. It sure bring back memories and I hope I am younger, again.

Books and books.

Phone call.

Wee're playing hair dressing.

Oh my carebear baby.


Drink store.

Acting again.

Ring a bell.

Our poloroids.

The toys are ours!

Eilleen is a rock star.

Care care care.

Granny J.

Mr Robot.

Then we bid goodbye to Children Little Museum and head back to Haji Lane. We went to eat ice cream at Pluck too and it's nice. The red bean flavour seems special and of course my favourite chocolate!

Haji Lane.

We like this, got feel.

Talk no evil.


In my own world.



Some heros.

No parking, do not throw rubbish.


Then it marks the end of the trip. Meet up some other day alright! Probably when I back from Taiwan, haven been really taking to you. Hope you enjoy that day with me! Bring me to other places or maybe I can bring you. Heh.

One more day and I am off. I gonna get alot of gifts and I hope I got enough moos. I wrote down a list so damn long, be it you are close or not, those I wrote down stays apart of me and I am starting to miss you. Much love people.

Time to have a goodnight sleep.


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