March 5, 2009


I miss this groove, I miss this school..

A month have passed and I finally dance.

After work, I changed into my super baggy torn jeans and big shirt. Colleagues were pretty surprised that I dance and they feel that what I wore seems oversized for me. Lol. I went to meet Terence. His friends were meeting too, one of them were Chansee and the other I cant remember. Veron joined us in a while.

We went to Oschool for An An's Hip Hop class.

It been really long since I step inside Oschool and now, a brand new one. Though I still prefer the old Oschool, this wasnt half bad. The class was fun and I've learn something new. Then the class seems so much crowded as compare to when I first joined like three years ago? Still I meet farmiliar faces like Tyde and Niger.. Jiarui and Christie were there too. We were thought how to be a chair. HAHAH.

After the class I went to Prinsep street with some of them. Some of us have our dinner which is chicken rice and then beancurd. And yes, talking about the great picture with great shadow lightnings.. it is near the beancurd place. They have spotlight and I imagined it like a small studio..

This look like some advertisement.

For this shot I looked really diao.

This was most probably the best shot.

I shall end it with a twist, and yes pictures are taken by Niger. Jacket are credited to Terence.. very nice color!

Just now on the way home, have a chat with Chansee and found out that very long time ago.. the guy who wore hip hop who stay few blocks away was actually his friend. Recall here. The world is actually so small huh. Then I heard from Veron that there's a girl who stay just next door to her is a dancer too. Things are so coincidence.

Trika trika trika.

I'm a learner, so teach me.

As usual,
like always.

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