November 28, 2008

Feel with your heart

Suddenly I hope I can climb over this pillar inside of me and overtake what I am of now.

I wanna be there not there. Shrugs.

On the way home, I saw lots of clouds. The sky was cover up and I cant see the stars. When I was leaving school, I see the stars sparkling and it been awhile since I saw so many. Anyone will always look up the sky? Or just pause for that moment to catch the glimpse?

I saw this guy wearing dance outfit who stay few blocks away from me. I wonder if he was the same guy I saw last week wearing dance too. And I wonder I never see them before and they dance too! Then I wonder how nice if they were my friends and we can dance together. Then I imagine dancing Trika late night at the basketball court. Lol.

Suddenly, something kind of attracted me.. yes?

Yet again
stay focus

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