March 15, 2009

Bon Voyage

In my dreams..

In the midst of sleeping, I received a hug.

Then in the midst of working, I received an SMS. I received an SMS from Dad and Mum that they have reached Guang Zhou. Probably in a few days time they are going Vietnam(Yue Nam). I hope there would be pretty traditional costumes and Mum bring them back for me.

Mum came to visit me during break before she left too. She treat me lunch and then bought me this nice zebra bag. She bought me another two pretty stuff.. hot red and bright orange, I'm loving it. She said if she cant bought any gift back then that would be consider the gift, hoping I wont be disappointed.

I'm starting to miss them though it's always the case that at late nights, I'm only the one awake. Perhaps human are so contradict or cheap in a sense that when something isnt there, they feel empty. Or perhaps it's only me.

As usual, Brother Lim have fly to his sweetie pie's land.

For the second time, I'm touched by granny. Remember the cupboard thing I say about? When I reached home just now, she was still awake. So I asked if she was waiting for me.. she say ya. Then I told her not to wait for me 'cos I will be late home everyday, and later she responded that she waited 'cos she wants me to help her wear her ear stud. She told me her hands are old, she cant wear herself. And she's going out in the morning, if she dont wear it.. she looks weird.

She left three tangyuan for me.
Oh, how cute :D

I dont know is it 'cos I'm ageing(or think I am damn old now) I tend to treasure my family more or I've learn to be more sensible when I feel that I am going to be a young adult soon. First, I am consider graduated from polytechnic and this explains diploma. Second, I may get my degree depends if I want to go University. Third, I'm reaching my two-s soon(in nine months actually). Last, it's just simply the MOOS i should generate.

Ah yes, on Friday this customer stare at me.. bang the fitting room wall, throw clothes at my colleague and STILL purchase clothes from Cotton On. Her actions are simply BRAVO. NOT HAPPY then DONT BUY lah, contradicting people.

I'm loving Cotton On(only Lot 1 outlet!) 'cos of great colleagues.

You know what? I feel blessed.
Though I'm still growing to be independent.

Fate bonds and ties
and is unbreakable.

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