February 13, 2009

Crashed NP & NYP Unofficially Graduate

If the clock moves anti-clockwise..

That day I went to crashed Wen's lecture.

It was a Monday and she had like 3 hours break so I met her in town. We went to eat Ramen Ten(my first time eating leh!). Then we walked around. Her camera died on her and that time my Sony T33 was still waiting for news. We took a few pictures as well as webcam.

Showing our tongues.

My photo buddy always.

On the way back to NP, bus rides. We were kind of high and entertain ourselves. Lol. Then I remembered the two secondary school kids of the back seats was annoying. Or in a way the way they talk shocked us. They talk about the government and then stock market. Omg.. The different generation is getting scarier.


The lecture of NP was kind of different from NYP. I too get kind of confuse with the place 'cos there are alot of uphills. NYP is like rectangle-ish.. LOL. And I suddenly remember that I so wanted to get into NP during my secondary school days, I wonder how would I be now if I get into there instead.

Anyway, I am un-officially graduated! How does that sound?
I AM FREEeeeeeee, like finally!?
It seems that time pass so fast that I cant believe I am like turning 20. It seems that I am turning into a young adult soon which means I am gonna work in office soon OR continue study(for I dont know what course). It seems that I must be more independent than previously. Then I need to earn so much more to take care of myself as well as my parents. Aint this burden getting heavier?

Tsk tsk.

After our last paper, the few of us went to catch "The Curious Case of Benjamins Buttons". The movie was kind of nice or say in a way amazing. It's amazing how someone can become younger and younger, yet his mindset is growing the same way. Then I wonder would I prefer myself to grow that way or the normal way? Hmms. Then "I've been struck by lightnings 7 times." HAHHA.

Goodbye ITSM!

No more papers,hurray.

We went to Carl's Jr.

Big burger and fries.

Ice lemon tea.

Individual shots again.

Chris, grinning from ear to ear.

Leslie, drawing his burger.


Ruby, eating her wafflecriss cut fries.


J, that's me.

I'm camera sensitive.

'Cos we have alot of time before the movie started, we went to arcade. It's been awhile since I went to arcade man. My favourite game is Beatmania or somthing similar. Heh. It suddenly let me remember the time I was working at X-Zone..

This game is fun too! Nice to play in a group.

The 'hit and jackpot' machine? LOL.

The basketball machine! Chris and Leslie played together and got like 190++ scores? I played too and tag with Leslie and got only 40++ score? LOL. I'm thinking am I that bad at aiming or what. Aww.

After we went back to The Cathay. I spot this playground and wanted to take more pictures. BUT MY CAMERA DIE ON ME! :( I remember charging another battery and wanted to bring. The pictures taken was like so little.

Two big guy playing with see-saw. Childhood!

I look so small here. HAHA.

And yes, now my individual camwhore shots with my new leopard jacket. I was so happy that a passerby asked me where I got it and compliment that it looked nice. Like first time leh! Heh.

Ticket machine.

I was so excited when I saw Ruby's Holga. Capture every moment and ticks it twenty-seven time after you capture once! Dont lost count!

That marks the end. I wonder if I'll still be in contact with most of my classmates. Be it Still Thinking MI0614 or IWSS-E1. I appreciate everyone that helps me out or put up a smile on my face. Hope life will then be great for everyone! Go for your dreams people! =D

I miss Fbodz too, been two weeks since I dance.

I'm down with flu and skipped work, I feel guilty :(

If one day I go missing, will anyone miss me? Or will anyone miss my presence?

is friendship day.

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