February 17, 2009

Ticket to the Moon

Anybody want bring me far away?

Sigh, I'm not on for work this week. I'm so gonna be bored that I grow mushrooms. I've been watching korean dramas and I really like the way they talk. They talk in a very straightforward and sarcastic manner. Aint this like so cool? For Singaporeans ar, you cant talk too direct. Tsk tsk.

I've got no aim in life now. Should I go university? If I did, what should I apply? I seriously dislike programming and this three years in polytechnic, I feel that my brain aint absorbing anything. I like photography, drawings, filming but I know nuts about those..

Anyway, currently I'm watching this drama - On Air.

Their main cast:
Lee Bum Soo as Jang Ki Joon
Kim Ha Neul as Oh Seung Ah
Song Yoon Ah as Seo Young Eun
Park Yong Ha as Lee Kyung Min

This new drama is about the behind the scenes of TV drama production. It also portrays how the whole production team and performers complete a project in a tight schedule and as well as how actors, actresses, and entertainment agencies handle rumors surrounding them. Jang Ki Joon is a manager who is in charge of the activities of many famous actors and actresses. One of them is Oh Seung Ah who is a rising actress. Lee Kyung Min is a drama PD, Seo Young Eun is a script writer with a young son.

Park Yong Ha is so handsome! HAHAHA. Kim Ha Neul is so pretty too! And I seriously love her character 'cos the way she talk is so powerful. There's seriously too much knifes and needles when she talk man. LOL. Then in this show they are trying to film this show called "Ticket to the moon", aint just the title makes you think? If there's such ticket, I might just wanna go...

This song is so lovely.

Fly fly fly.

is best
not express?

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