January 23, 2009

So in love


Hey guys! This is my current obsession.

After waiting for so long, I finally got my free laptop from Singnet. It kind of arrive last week and it really saved me from projects man. Seriously without a laptop it kills you 'cos you know how much my desktop sucks. The model is EE PC, ASUS. I bet alot of people is carrying it now, I spot one in school! It kills my boredom in lectures too!

Later, will be my last two lecture of my whole of poly life (If I never fail any module LAH)? In between this two lecture that are so much time, I'm so excited to go shopping with my new classmates.. like a mini excursion. AND also 'cos I haven been taking a break. All the projects are down now, I'm left with common tests and exams.

Zouk performance on the 31st too.

Oh ya, classmates says I act cute, especially Chris. I am not okay? It's just nice for me! HAH.

Okay, here goes my first few shots of the webcam!

That day I wore stripes to school and Leslie says I am a zebra. Then something like a car will go over me? Lol. Anyway, I love the shot! I look nice ya? =D

With Nicholas. This uncle always ask me to help him carry things.. tsk tsk.

With Ruby. Both of us just cant stop online shopping!


With Alicia and part of Ryu's botak head. LOL.


With Leslie, Chris, Leon and Ruby.

The ah nerds.. my specs! xD

Sadako in action.

With Zhihui, Trix, Ruby and Leslie. Zhihui is liking to take pictures more le ya? HEHE. Fun yes?

Doesnt we look similar?


Look like X-Files.

Last picture for the post...

Doesnt I look like ah meng(the monkey in the zoo)? HAHHAHA.

Thanks everyone in the class for helping out with my projects like Zhi Hui, Daniel, Leslie, Ruby, Amirah, Angie, Lee Ling and Kok Yong. I think I might have die without your help, be it small or big ah. And if I miss out anyone tell me ya!? Seriously appreciate man and suddenly I miss you guys.

Hmms.. does it pay to be nice? Anyone exactly understand what I've in my mind? Anyone understand how I feel? Why does everyone see things only on surface?

I hope renouin dinner wouldnt be that bad. I'm sorry.

I miss the nonsense, they make my day.

like cherry

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