January 24, 2009

Mini Exercusion

I just like the way it will be..

突然很不舍, 突然很想念。


So yesterday, the few of us went to town to shop. Most of us didn exactly get any thing, perhaps all is food. Lol. We too sort of celebrated Angie belated 21st birthday.. we hope you enjoy! Teehee.

We alight at Orchard.

After we head to food republic. We're so hungry! Heh.

Individual shots..

Leon, the CIAP guy.



Zhi Hui.



That's me, Silly O J!

Some shots with Leslie..

Finally a clear shot.

Big head.

With Ruby.

With Trix.

Their attempt to block me. LOL.

Group shots...

I request them to pose that, and they did!
Favourite shot of the day!

After taking few shots 'outdoors', we went to far east to walk around. Zhi Hui didn come with us 'cos she went home to take stuff. We got tired and sit down. And yes, when they know I put on clip on hair extensions.. some of them keep touching my head/hair. Lol. Then things starts to hype out..

Hair growing starts..


After Nicholas and Angie came.. then we went to Paragon.

With the birthday girl.

Angie is so shy!

Focus on the snapple...

NICE? So sparkling!

After arrive in class..

With lecturer okay! HAHAH.

So blur but happy!

Mass shot again..

Nicholas, Zhi Hui, Leng and Elynn werent in :(

This mark the end of my polytechnic days? No more normal lessons already.. I'm happy yet in some way I feel kind of sad. I kind of miss classmates man, though we got to bond like the last few weeks. Maybe there will be outing after the exams? =D

At night..


With Audrey, Sandra and Veron. LOVES!

I love this shot! Pretty? LOL.

Chinese new year is coming and I think I going to eat like no tomorrow again. I am so excited about ang baos! I cant wait for the money to roll. Oh my my. Talking about CNY, mum told me to skip work tomorrow. She's so on one, ask me sabotage my colleagues. HAHA. BYE CAFE DEL MAR.

I'm like a mini zoo.

Oink oink oink.

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