December 28, 2008

Feel the hype

I wonder will things last? Will we always feel the same? And when will it be that I will feel exactly right? Then I know I can finally settle down and not to wander around..

**I havent been webcam and it makes me high too, like pictures. And YES. the focus is on me, not astro nor potato chips.. Thank you very much.

So after one week of rest or maybe two, I dance.

The feeling was great. I cant explain how great it is but perhaps it all got to do with Production. The PPS(Post Production Syndrome) was strong. I learned Circus from Raizan and I sure like it! It was a different experience 'cos for a long time I haven been dancing to those kind of song. (If you know what I mean.) I think I want to learn Reggae too. For open house maybe I should learn Ghetto? LOL.

Imagine me being fierce. My god.

Then I wore my new HOT pink Nike shirt and rewarded myself with potato chips. HOLLA. Some responded that my shirt look similar to Oschool Recital's shirt.

Just now on the way home I met a farmiliar face, or say someone thought I look farmiliar. I was waiting for this bus home and then I went to the bench and sit. I usually dont queue for the bus you see. Then there was this guy and girl(perhaps couple) sitting beside me.

The guy turned and look at my direction. Supposingly he was from NYP and I(he) saw him before. He talked to me and asked if I was from Foreign Bodies, I say ya and I asked if he stay nearby. We talked about his CCA.. they helped us during Production roadshow at Mac Donald's. He too asked how's production and BLAH.

A moment later he feel something not right.

"I talk to you next time when I see you in school."

Then huh, the next moment you see the girl beside him walking off.. like trying to flip him away. He stopped the girl trying to explain thing. And me? From a far distance I looked at them then I start to think..

Will you be angry if I meet with this situation too?

If I am the girlfriend.. maybe. But then you think again, he just meet a farmiliar face and try to talk. It aint a big deal. But then it feels weird too if my boyfriend try to talk to another girl when I am beside. Hmms..

What will you do if you are the girl?

Or why you do that if you are the guy?
Or what will you do if the girl get angry?

This is a so i-dont-know situation. It is like my appearance make a friend-friend or a couple quarrel when I never do anything. This is like pretty awkward. So how do you explain this? This weird butterfly inside or some liquid that make your heart smell of vinegar?

Oh well.

-End of Scenario-

At times, your uncertain make me (un)certain.

What you want
out of me
how your heart
says of me
go figure

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