November 5, 2015


Kinda the most epic march in ever

My emotions fickle like madness these days. Awhile I'm happy,  awhile I'm sad then vice versa.

Maybe as I age,  I go a lil craze. Lol. I keep ranting on snapchat recently though I only have like 20+ friends in there, you know maybe the numbers don't matter 'cos at least a few will be kaypoh about my life. (& I'm definitely very kaypoh in people's life.)

I've neglected this little space alot so I'll try to pen down my thoughts whenever I can. (After reading about Essena O'Niell online, I kinda got influence a little... I want to be more real.)

I haven't been taking much photographs ('cos I usually take video at work), as in a ratio comparison with video. So about few weeks back during september, I took an entire wedding as the main photographer for my friend's brother (It was a deal I accepted early last year when I'm still am an intern at work). It was definitely very stressful but I'm glad all is worthwhile! I'm also in good fortune 'cos I asked my boyfriend to help and be the second shooter. Haha.  Ya know there is more coverage  so more angles (;

Delivered the photographs and I'm really happy that they liked it!
*YAY! Little perks in life~*

Kids always give the most genuine smile. Hahah.

I'm not the best photographer out there so I'll try my best to capture moments (: 

Also, seeing couples getting married every one or two weeks is a happy thing but then this thought always came into my mind... when's my turn? Lol!  I'm not ready anytime soon though, just saying...

J+X, Happy Marriage!

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