October 6, 2008

Trip to Haji Lane

I miss my black/brown hair. Damn.

Two to three weeks ago when my hair was still black/brown, I met cousin Eve. We went shopping. I wanted to go Haji Lane 'cos I heard how good and nice the place is.. so we decided our destination. Actually the place is good if you've got moolahs, 'cos the stuff is quite nice.. vintage too. If not it really got nothing much.

All we did was pictures and nothing more.

Welcome to Haji Lane. Let me be your tour guide of the day.. and it is only one-way trip. You got to explore the next half by going down your own :)

Your first stop - Awali Mohamed Bros.

I love this shot.

Your second stop - Shopping trolley.

We saw this outside one of the shops. Hah. Dont you just love shopping?

Your third stop - Green Door.

Check out yo.

Your Fourth stop - Purple Door.


Your fifth stop - Soon Lee.

Just Shop.

Your sixth stop - All about Eve.

Eve bar, we are open.

Your seventh stop - Grafitti Wall.

Nice yo yo.

Your final stop - Shoe Paradise.

They say: "A girl never have enough shoes." True or not?

Anyway, Cotton On met with a theft and it was only my 4th day at work.

When we are closing.. there is this last customer who went to try on clothes. At the same time my colleague try on a pants. He walked to show the other colleagues. The last customer went to the fitting room where my colleague's pants was. He took ages to come out. He paid his top and left the shop.

My colleague wanted to change back his own pants and found out his pants wasnt in. The customer wore my colleagues pants and walked away. There was cellphone and etc in the pants. Then we faster stop the customer and the security was called. I think the police was called too. I didn know what to do but just stood there.

The shop closed, locked. I went home first and the other colleagues waited.

On a side note, I think the guy thought we are stupid.

Suddenly I hope, I would be loved.

Like you never see me again.


DK said...

Caught the thief?

Jessica Lim said...

Yea, i suppose so.