August 10, 2012

PRYSM - Handmade Street Couture

Bending white lights into rainbow.

Feel us, hear us, see us.
Have you immersed into our Handmade Street Couture yet?

Here are some unreleased outfit shots...

White Peroxide.


Lavender studded.

Pink Rock.

Are you spoil for choice with those awesome colors?

Most of them are actually very unique pieces that comes only with 1 - 2 pieces. We actually make a lot of effort in dye-ing them... and I'm literally dye-ing every day. Lol. Our painstaking efforts in bringing a whole new couture.

Here is our gorgeous crochet top...
Yellow Ombre.

Rainbow Crochet.

 Prysm Rainbow II.

Prysm rainbow I.

Turquoise Ombre.

Those crochet top will definitely be a unique piece for a picnic date with gfs and bfs! It will sure brightens up the whole atmosphere.

If you haven't, stay tune to our facebook page @ for updates. To order or enquire, you can email to

Before I end my post, here is a picture of us at our first launch at Scape Bazaar on 22 July...

Special thanks to those who came or spot us!
For those who got amaze by our hair colors, you can check out Rhetorical.
We will see you next time (:

P.S. I realized I looked pretty sian/stress/unfriendly in those outfit shots, 
I'm not 'cos my eyes is literally that small... and I guess I look more character when I don't smile.

For my dreams, I must work hard...


Evelyn Hu said...

support!!! but darling was it 22 july or june ahhh..?? i rmb it as july siah!!! >.<

Jessica Lim said...

hahha, opps! it's july, amended the date. thanks for supporting! ;D