December 18, 2008

Jaynel's Wedding 071208

It was another feeling.

That day I was one of the 'door-girl', 'stop-groom-girl', 'ah yi', 'sisters' or whatever you call it. It was pretty interesting 'cos I've never do this before. You have to stop the 'brothers' and groom from entering. I didn do much except for the other two sisters, which happen to be Jaynel's secondary school friend. Eve and me help her to carry stuff and write down which angbaos belong to who.

The experience was fun and my pocket sure was happy. Eve's sister getting married next year February too, hope she calls me too. Heh.

With Eve.

With Hot Mama.

With Jaynel, the bride.

With Dingal.

With Phoebe.

With two small cousins.

Then I went to school for dance and at night I am back to help out as the receptionist.

It was kind of a you-cant-walk-away and need-to-keep-smiling experience. Lol. And then you understand how much handling a wedding aint easy. "Yes.. what's your surname? Oh, table number XXX.. please sign on the guest book."

You feel blessed seeing couples going into the white hall or whatever you call it. You feel something in your heart 'cos you feel what's on them.

Now your heart here, but you dont know where.

I'm afraid.
Can I trust you?
Can I leave it all there
and it wont be left
with bit and pieces?

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