December 17, 2008

Happy(?) Birthday

Time is precious. I seriously have my own limits and I seriously got alot of patience already. Please inform if there is any changes. Then I shouldnt have expected so much.

When the clock strike 12 and now it've come to an end, I've received qreetings. I've receive in facebook, friendster, msn, tagboard, sms, call and in real person. I shall try to name them all out!

Thanks Xue, Wen, Dad, Mama, Bro, Reeve, Xiuhui, Kimguan, CeeKay, Edison, Dennis, NicHo, Ivan, Yang, Leron, QiaoXuan, Shrawn, Joseph, Sandra, Germaine, Priscilla, Nikz, Veron, Aaron, Leslie, Yiling, Sharon, Manli, Leon, Eileen, Trix, Audrey, Eve, Deryck, Idah, Shirley, Tyron, Zul, Sabrina, Alicia, SK, Jeslin, Cheryl, Ziling, Eugenia, ZhiHui, Jianming, RuiQi, Steffen, Mei Shyan, Anna, Andee, Mike, Justin, Regina, Lesner, Joey, Jacky, Jacky Law, Connie, Limin, JiaJun and JinWen.
(And I'm sorry If I happened to miss anyone out, do tell me I'll edit the post! It is not in order but somehow in order too. Hah.)

So my day was spend with FB peeps. In the afternoon, I went to meet Alicia, Audrey, Cheryl, Germaine, Jeslin, Sandra, SK and Veron. We went to eat Aston. This was the first time I'm eating that. It was kind of nice and cheap too.

I ate this.. damn nice you know.

SK wasnt in the picture :(

Later on, I got Ben&Jerry surprise.

Two scoops of ice cream with brownie, a candle on it and birthday songs by the whole of them. Thanks alot! LOVE. =D

After we went to explore and take pictures.

Our destination starts and a super long stairs awaits us..

Nearly there!

Can you feel it?

I dont know what this plant is called, but it look pretty attractive. And yes, having two plants there seems blessed.

Group picture!

Will I find you in there?

Silly O J here.

Another group picture.

This is the place called Old School.

Dino and Clown-alike.

Damn emo lah.

You love this? I LOVE PLAIN WALLS.

Dino world.

This makes you think.

Deep in thoughts.

At night, went to meet Nic and saw some other FB peeps. We joined them for dinner at HK Cafe, then went cineleisure e2Max to chill.

And one point of time Lesner on the TV and we all keep looking at this character and stone. "Yes, he's looking at you.. No, he's staring at you. Lol.

Supper-ed and I rushed the last train home.

And YES, I saw dedication to me! HAHHA.
Thanks alot ya! I appreciate, seriously.

I will smile.

I'll be there
for how long
I wont know 'cos
I dont like waiting

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