December 14, 2008



You know suddenly you miss it. You miss the process that makes you grow. You miss the way you grumble, you complain, you tears, you perspires, you smile, you laugh, you scream, you frustrated.. and you definately miss the presence of everyone.

Thanks to junoirs for this dope cake.

So yes, yesterday marked the end of FB Production 2008.

It's the first time that different generations gather together to put up a concert.. and I wonder will there be a FB Production 2009 or 2010. Though we could have done better in term of dance, but you know we did express ourselves. Everyone of us dance with our heart, we did put on our best and make the audience feel - We are Family.

Alright, pictures shall talk again.
(If you got my face in your camera send me ya! And If you got your face in my camera ask me to send you too! Then If you never see your face in my camera doesnt mean I dont like you!)

12th December - Production Day 1

That day I was on cloud nine cos my hair was frizz.. thanks to Nora! She brought the hair tool and alot of us make our hair frizz. I kind of like the way I look and cos' it's so not me. So should I go and frizz my hair? What you think?

With Cheryl, she's so pretty and hot!

With Eileen, when will our photo trip be? Hmms.

With Mike, he looked like some HK star huh.

With Sandra.. I love you man! Though I always nag ar but I hope you dont find me irritating. Hahah. Miss your laughter and everything.. and we've been through together alot! Thanks for the card! Heh.

With Nic Ho, he's nice! Thanks for always asking me to jiayou and feel before my street jazz item, or cos' it happen to be after your pop and lock item. Haha.. appreciated.

With Henry and Terence. Thanks for coming!

With Trix. I miss year 1 days! And thanks for supporting me! Lol.

With Yismin. I miss danceworks '08!

With Valerie. Thanks for always being so supportive! And thanks for the card and flower.. You're a sweet girl too! =DD

With Audrey.. you and your towel! Lol.

With Mr Bean bear. HAHA.

The feeling was like, wow. You got a little nervous yet you know you cant be nervous. The music was cocked up that day and alot of us was pretty shock. Then the video dont work so it was kind of like unfinished. Then I heard pretty much negative and positive comments too...

But, I still enjoy.

13th December - Production Day 2

When East meet West. And I am upset I wasnt in the group picture of that, I went to the toilet.. shrugs.

With Nic Ho. He act cute with me ar! HAHAHA.

With Sandra, Street Jazz yo! HAHAH.

I love the apple cap!

With Nora. I look like I can pop huh.. Hah.

With Idah, finally take picture with you!

I love this picture!

With Nora and Nic Ho.

With the junoirs! It's like the only picture in my camera man. =(

We're at the backstage.

With Eileen, she's my pri sch fren and yea man!


You know how much I am so happy that your came down. It's like a great birthday present to me 'cos your are able to watch me dance and perform. I just want to let your understand why I am always home late and I will not give up. I might not be the best but I know your will be proud of me. LOVE YOU DAD, MUM and BRO. AH MA TOO though I know you cant come 'cos of your leg problem.. and Bro hoh, thanks for commenting that I am too man to dance Street Jazz. HAHAH.

With Germaine. Thanks for the rose! Hah.

With Veron and Tyron.

With farmiliar guy and Jerymn. Hah, I cant remember his name!

With Tyde. I miss the times when I keep going to Oschool and your was there. Always hanging out and talking nonsense.. And I've learned alot.

With Kenny. It was so wasted that you got chixpox.. we guys miss you! Glad that you recover and can come to watch us.

Fbodz girls and Kenny.

I like this candid.

And you see how the petal of the rose falls..


With Cheryl.

With Hector.. thanks for the chocolate!

If this was my birthday cake..

Hhah, dream on lah hoh.

With Popper Ben.. he still remember me! WOO.

With Nic Ho.

With Baoxin.

With Sharon.

With Rachael.

With Alan.

With Jacky.

With Audrey and Joan.. NEH NEH MONSTER. LOL.

And I blog hop and saw this picture from Daryl's blog, sorry I take without permission. AHAH.

This is like the only group picture I have with the junoirs. And I never use my camera to take group pictures of the whole of FB too.

I've so much people to thanks man. Those who always cheer me up and asked me to jiayou or teach me the correct steps. From the whole process I learned alot and I start to understand dance is not only steps. You need to have expression.. you need to feel the music in order for people to feel you. Even if you are very technique based.. but you got no expression, it's a no no. But with both expression and technique then is superb lah. HAHAH. And dance is not only you, it's teamwork.

Thanks you Fbodz.

Thanks new classmate Leslie and Christopher for coming to watch me dance! And it's a waste your never watch finished and take picture with me. Thanks Deryck! ..and you say you help me take exclusive video of me ar. Hahah. Thanks Honghao for coming to support me! Thanks Shijun for getting the tickets from me. Thanks Trix for coming down too! Thanks Valerie for always coming to watch us. Thanks Wen and Xue for coming down and it's a waste we never take picture too! And your shouted my name huh? LOL. Thanks Joseph, and no pictures with you again. Thanks Henry and Terence. Thanks Germaine. Thanks Eileen and I haven say hello to you. Thanks Dad, Mum, Bro for coming.

Thanks to everyone who make me grow and watch me grow.

I LOVE YOU. everyone in Fbodz and whoever who see this or think I do.

Now, I'm blessed with alot of nice people around.

You cant explain
just how much hype
you feel all over

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