November 13, 2008

Silence or Silenced?

I wonder who will walk down this path with me.
Watching over me, looking over me.. like how my shawdow does. Or just stay another footprint in my life?

The song below is nice, damn emo. Thus it make me emo.
(Or there is no way I dont emo or take emo pictures.)

I like songs with good lyrics, it attract me. Somemore the song below is written by Jay Chou? This song is almost similar to 安静(Silence) but of different tune and lyrics at some part. Jay Chou is talented man, love you much much. Lol.

S.H.E - 安静了

夢想中 屬於我們的婚禮
卻成了 單人結婚進行曲
*(安静了 在我近边的梦里
我知道 相爱原本就不容易
爱不是一加一 努力就有结局)

在這場愛情角力的拔河裡 愛我還是愛你

撒嬌的 可愛的 女人的 愛哭的
照片裡 曾經的都是你喜歡的
如今我還在原地 你卻走回你的記憶

你說我愛你太多 就快要把你淹沒
分開是一種解脫 讓你好好的想過
我想要的那片天空 你是不是能夠給我

你說我給你太多 卻不能給我什麼


There's only the violin left to stand here with me
The marriage between us that We've always dreamt of
Has become the tune of someone walking down the aisle alone
*(Silenced; In my dreams
I know being in love aint easy
Love is not one plus one; Effort doesnt means happy ending)

In this tug-of-war of love, to love me or to love you
You chose yourself

Poutingly, Cutely, Girlishly, Loving to cry
All the photos contains the memories that you like
Till today I'm still at the starting point, but you have already walked back into your memories

You said I loved you too much, so much so that it's drowning you
You're scared that happiness will ebb after only a second
Breaking up is a form of relief; it allows you to think through carefully
The sky I wanted; Can you give me that life that I want

You said I gave you too much, that you couldn't give me anything
Can't tell between fervor, promises, eternity or temptation

Love is like a wound
Let's endure the pain ourselves
What is my final act of gentleness
Is it because I love you too much

One day more
two months

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