November 15, 2008

Internet Explorer cannot be displayed

Blogger dont allow me to upload pictures, since yesterday.

..and I'm upset I cant blog the picture and post I promised.

I hope I got more time man, I've got so much stuffs I need to do but not yet done. I havent go out with Mum, I havent meet alot people, I havent pon class then crash NP, I havent start my project, I havent get new formal skirt(teacher complain too short), I havent go to the police, I havent.. and the list goes on. I have so much to do and I know during mid December, I'm free.

Sorry for too much on dance.
(Though I still feel I dance really little, compare to some others.)

And you know how much I need sleep but I dont.

Give me time
and you'll be mine

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