November 12, 2008

Rachel's 21st Birthday & My whines

***Most pictures in this post credits to Xuanhong, especially the higher resolution ones. Special thanks!

The birthday celebration was really special 'cos its theme was Dance. Every table was labelled by different type of dance like Hip Hop, Latin, House, Bboy, Salsa and etc. The stage was designed to grafitti. It was like a dream birthday, everything like so classy and special.

I feel that day was like a FBodz renouin dinner.

I wonder how 21st will be like for me.. but now 19th first! Hah. It's on 16th of December. TAKE NOTE PEOPLE.. Heh.

As the above mention, it explain pictures CHIBABOMB!

Before we went there, some of us met up to get present. We chilled and camwhore too! Girls never get enough of pictures.

I pretty like this.

Constipated me. Lol.

Since it was still the month of October, it's the Halloween season..

I think he look cutes, BUT what if without the mask? Hmms..

See? He entertained me with the spiders. Lol.

Aftermath, we went Vivo City.

Yismin! It been awhile since I see her man. She makes me think of Danceworks time, somemore we make-up and is at Vivo that day!

With Andee.. we're the geeks.

Together with Andee and Yismin.

Messy but I like the feel!

Upon arriving at the restuarant!

The cool entrance.

With Eileen. We shall have an outing soon okay! Camwhore trip to vintage places maybe!? Heh.

With Valerie. Jiayou and all ya! Too bad I didn get to watch SP waves 'cos tickets sold out :( Thanks for always being so encouraging and all. HUGS.

With Jezz. Both of us are Jessica!

With Rachel.

Did I mention previously I wont the lucky draw? There! My Mickey watch is in the pretty bag. Joan was another lucky winner too. Latin table was lucky!

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Rachel..

Fbodz love you! ..and thanks for the invitation :)

Joey and Leron look symmetrical.

Formal shot.

Favourite fisheye shot!

Second favourite.

Dont you love those jump shots? If without shadow everything will be powerful! LOL.

Aww. Everything is piling up now. Tons and tons of projects and then dance. There would lunch time performance on the 19th, then a booth on the 20th and 21st inside Mac Donald's to sell our production tickets. There would be performances in different slots too. Peeps do come and support us!

I'm like not working this week too. They FORGET to put me again. Damn, my moolahs is flying away. And yes, talking about moolahs.. I forget to write timesheet for THAT day and my pay was lesser.

THEN few months ago I went far east and the place where I go for facial.. THE SHOP WAS GONE. I asked the new guy in the shop(which become a saloon now), where the previous owner go? THEY DONT KNOW. THERE, my deposit/contract with the facial shop.. MOOLAHS FLY.

THEN this livejournal.
Since May I've participating in her Joyce Shop Spree #10 and then June Joyce Shop #14. I am seriously very patient already. MY LIMIT IS UP. She FUCKING havent got the stuff and then she haven refund. I got her number through the web, msg her asking for refund since last week. She keep telling me latest by tuesday, then sunday and it keep on dragging. NOW she DONT WANT to reply my sms. ANYONE KNOW HOW OR WHO IS IN HER SPREE WANTS TO REPORT TO POLICE? OR SOMEBODY TEACH ME OR ACCOMPANY ME to the STATION. I got like 100 MOOLAHS with her.

I am so having this moolahs face nowadays but I cant help that. I cant help and get stress or anxious or irritate when my hard earn money or savings is gone just like that. I cant help but feel upset when the number in the account is rolling down. Then I contradict myself that money makes wonders. It make me happy 'cos I spend and spend.. shop and shop, eat and eat.

Life is realistic, so am I.

So people help me click on my NUFFNANG ads can?
I join like few months and only got 20 cents in. HAHAHHA.

They say: "A leopard will never change."
Can anyone prove to me a leopard will change? And history wont repeat?

So pack with everything.
Got life or no life?

I miss who
who miss me?

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