November 2, 2008

The power of Digital Canon E05

***I saw a link for clip-on hair extension. To anyone who want to have long hair, why not try this? CLICK. I dont know that person but I feel like getting somemore clip-on hair extensions. I got a few from Far East Plaza and it costs like hundred. Shrugs.

Just now I had a date with chlorine.

The sun wasnt so bright after all. The pool was so packed with kids that I couldnt move much. Looking at the kids I suddenly feel that I should 've been a better student last time. I still cant trapped water and all I can was just stay at the side of the pool.

It been ages since I slept at eleven and woke up at one. The feeling so great.

And thanks Joseph for the ice-cream just now.

I told a lie.
..I dont want more moolahs but rest.

Peektures shall talk again.

Subway - Eat Fresh.

Big head shots.

Dont you just love fisheye?

We girls cant have enough of the power of Canon!

That day our trip to Botanical Garden was cancel. We shopped, slack and chill all the way. We got non-stop pictures too. Taking pictures made our day.. and special thanks to XH!

Check out my lashy.

You know how small my eyes is.

Check out my favourite Sotong mouth.

On our way, we become mannequins.

At heeren, we met Theresa.

At Plaza Singapura, Cheryl and me grew moustache.

My individual shoot.

My attempt to be sexy. HAHAHA.

Jump to the skies. LOVE THIS.

This is cool.

Catfights along the way..

Then we burst out laughing.

At giraffe.

The three of us.

With Veron.

This is so me.

Dont you just love snapshots?

"Capture every moment, rain or shine."

Just now watch The Guess Show and those online girls are so pretty. I so hope I can be as pretty man. I love their long hair! I wonder if I didn cut during year one days.. my hair will be super long already.

Where have all the people go to?

Just how much
can I trust
this sixth sense
of mine again?

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