October 31, 2008

The night of Halloween

I feel so much like going out.

As I grow older or perhaps since the start of school.. every friday and saturday night I feel I shouldnt be home. Though I can be like so tired already but.. Wont it be nice if I can chill with my friends?

Met Wen and Xue just now and they see me eat. Hahah.

Talking about Halloween, last week I went to Night Safari with Ben. That's my first time going, how can I be not excited!

I saw Tyron working as the headless guy at the tram area trying to scare people. His gold hair was obvious.. LOL. I didn get to see Andee and Ypeng who is working there 'cos they was at the walking track. Shrugs.

Anyway, let pictures do the talk. To people who havent go there yet.. do go 'cos tomorrow gonna be the last day they have the Halloween thing? I feel that if there is no Halloween theme it wouldnt be so fun.. Dont see animals only, must see humans also right? Tsk tsk.

Night Safari.

Halloween horrors.

The macho yandao.

The scary Dimsum AH SOH.

The Halloween tram ride..

Pretty? This is actually the swans.

The skinny guy.

Waves to the mummy.

My witchy-star cap. Thanks Ben!

The pumpkin guy.

The very scary girl, she is so dope. She limb when she walk and then.. she keep use needle to poke the doll on her hands. Wth.

The white face char bo.

Dont I just look like the witch too? Hahha.

Com' on lets play peek-a-boo with dracula. I got vampire teeth too! I'm serious.

Night Safari Singapore.

Our journey ends here..

..till next time?

No mass dance and work this weekends, hope it will be a sunny yellow banana day! ..and just one more month to production, do you feel it?

I just dont wanna be home.

I'm not here
not anywhere
but everywhere
- like a sheep

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Lonely Paul said...

Happy Halloween!