November 4, 2008

Sky of Love, Bricks of Thoughts

"I will be your sky, just look up and i'm there.. always."

Suddenly I have another point of view to life.

I found out at some point of time you overlook certain stuffs. You stay at this blind spot and you never notice how great stuffs you have ahead. But looking back aint a bad idea though 'cos through those memories you grow.

I remembered how much we used to love each other that we cried so hard. We cried like tomorrow never comes. We cried so much that in our swollen eyes we swear that we will be together as long as possible. Our tears not only flows through our skin, it flows through the heart. You feel the piercing sensation that may take away your breath any moment. You feel that all you need is each other, without each other the world will be in bit and pieces.

But without love, literally that kind of love.. life still have to goes on. You need to eat, work and sleep to survive. There are so many of them looking over you. There are still friends and the closest you have - your family.

You got another kind of love.

I bet watching Sky of Love makes me get some kind of weird thoughts. I start to think back of memories and of fairytale-alike love. Do you think those kind of love ever exsits? Tsk tsk.

I wonder when and how will I feel that yet again.

I smiled
'cos everything
seems great
- for you

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