November 16, 2008

Besties & Floor the Love '08

Two weeks ago, met up with Besties on this friday night. We met up for dinner but they didn eat, they watched me eat. Hehe.

At food court, I ate kway chap!

On the way home..

We all stay at Avenue 5.

Lots of big head shots.

Wen, my photo bud.

I miss you guys! We are so pack with stuff nowadays that we seldom meet though we just stay across a road or a block away. We shall meet up more next month ya? After all our exams finish and holidays comes! =)

Yesterday went to Floor the love 2008. It was awesome man.. the battles for different category was tough, especially hip hop and locking. I like the battles when xiaohei and an an VS bev and jasmine, it was so dope. The overall of FTL really inspires me and I'm glad I didn missed out.

I feel like joining FTL '09 man. I hope this urge pushes me to continue dancing when I graduate.

How about that?

Love you
so much -

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