August 22, 2008

Mee Goreng Alert & Still Thinking

Like what the titles says.. Since i ate supper, i can't sleep so early. Though I feel guilty that my tummy gonna grow fatter and boy gonna nag at me, food makes me a happier person. Don't you agree food makes you happy too?

I'm back from Street Jazz and it was doom for me. I don't know why I can't do back roll. I know I am rather stiff but at least I know I can. I shall buck up, buck UP and then BUCK UP! I need to do one nice biuret too, and I need to do two as well. I gonna learn how to spot well, like soon...

Aight, I haven't been blogging about my class MIT0614 -Still Thinking. Recently, on the 17 August 2008 we have a class BBQ at Desmond's condo, Yanling and Leonard were there too. At first, I dont know if I wanted to go 'cos I want to see Suntec Dance and it's also been awhile since I went to support FB mates. In the end i choose to go and on that Sunday, I got the urge not to go again. Just what's wrong with me?

Nevermind, since food makes me happy. Take a look at Eng Hua's coleslaw.

"Do you want to try?" Now I look at the coleslaw again, it actually look quite nice. Just that it is too watery till it looked like 'bo bo cha cha'. Maybe less milk next time! =D

The 'chow tar' chicken wing from Yiling to Ying Zheng. Lol. Anyway, does the oil from the satay sauce resemble(spells?) your sunrise?

So presenting the guys and girls. Pardon for the bad lightning, my camera is already turning four years old. I bought it since end of secondary three.

Picture with Mei Shyan. We look abit symmetry(spells) eh? As it both of us are wearing shorts, or maybe the feeling. Hah.

And this was taken sometime back when we started FYP. Now, our photo shoot place have been occupied with sensors and doors.

I'm sleeping earlier today - like two hours.

Wish me luck for finding job lobang! I've send an email to Cafe Del Mar, hope they will employ me. If not maybe work at some Bridal boutique where Veron is working, locating at orchard. Woo, cant wait for moolahs to come. Pardon me of having moolahs face, who doesn't?

Do you know
I dreamt of you
even when you're
so close

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