August 21, 2008

Fresh Start & Photo Buddy

***ALERT, this post is image heavy(around 100+??). I haven't been taking so much pictures so let me post them LUH.

Aight, since my FYP is over i shall start blogging.

Currently I need a part-time job. I feel very tense up whenever I keep thinking that my moolahs is flying away. I need a job to secure myself, as well as my pockets.. somebody help me? Do you have any lobang? ..and I want to join Nuffnang but i dont know how it works! LOL. So visit my blog often(and tag), I promise to update them like I used to last time! =DD

YES, there's too much overdue pictures. I shall blog them all out when i have the time. I shall start with the day with Wen yesterday, 20 August 2008. We went to City Hall to eat Sakae Sushi, followed by Little India and City Plaza. Let the pictures talk.

The walk to MRT station:

I look like i'm running just to take the picture.

And presenting my favourite SOTONG MOUTH.

In the train:

There was this weird middle-aged guy in the train keep looking at me non-stop. When we're alighting he still keep staring. Wen stare back and we got off. He never see young girls before meh? Never see gladiators sandals before huh? Hah.

Sakae Sushi:

We ate alot of sushi and fried stuff. I like the octupus sushi.. YUMMY. We also have mochi and frozen strawberry for desert. I feel really bloated after the buffet, I keep hunchback so my tummy won't feel so pain. Anyway, the picture above look cute eh? 'Cos of the tail of the fried prawn!

At Little India:

I got attracted by this red/pinkish wall and we started to take a few shots. At first it wasn't so sunny but when we was taking picture, POOF. Danger ahead, beware.

I didn know Mustafa Centre got so much bangles until today. They're all at a very cheap and good price ranging from 2Moolahs to 5Moolahs. They got even expensive one like crystal or jade? Yea. And yes, I didn smell alot Indian smell. Pardon me for being racist. After walking around Mustafa Centre, we wanted to go City Plaza. We couldnt find teh way out to the bustop and so photo taking continues...

You can see old auntie and oh man around. The pictures mostly taken from Wen's camera.

My eye wasnt looking into the camera. Shrugs.

I saw this red fence and so went to take picture.

Random shots taken from my camera:

You see the uncle loves us, he look into the camera.

Random shots from Wen's camera:

Last but not least, some randoms when we took cab to City Plaza.

You see how much pictures we have taken. GOD. LOL.

I think i shall end off already. I have a fun day with wen, my Photo Buddy always. BUT I so want a new camera, the lightnings sucks, I WANT A SLR.. anyone? Yes yes, thanks wen for helping me take the above picture, damn nice.

Street Jazz gonna kill me later.

& boy i miss you so, do you?

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Cool shoes said...

You were certainly having fun. I like your clothes in the pics. Sometimes it's hard to find clothes that stand up well to hours of traveling and still leave you looking fresh. However, you have a good set there.