August 31, 2008

California Fitness' Dragger

Hi all. Seriously, working on Thursday and Friday at 3 different outlets of California Fitness.. being a dragger I feel kind of down. It's really hard to drag people as people cant be bother with you OR 8 out of 10 people are already members of California Fitness.

I'm happy with Thursday when I'm working at Orchard outlet. I manage to persuade or say this Malay auntie look interested and I brought her in. Friday at Raffles place from 12 - 2 and Novena at 230 - 530 made me really upset. At the whole session of 2 different places I didn manage to drag one. The dragger with me at Raffles drag 1, and then the dragger at Novena with me drag 2. See the point now? I dont know how to attract people by how the way I talk and let my 10Moolahs fly away, TWICE.

Later on, I'm trying out Novena(Velocity) again. Any kind soul out there PLEASE help me.

Anyway, pardon on being like desperate/despo over jobs or moolahs.. I just want to save more before school reopens. I need a proper job that aint so stress. Anyone got lobang? Or anyone can help me in speaking/typing good english?

I'm really glad to those who read my blog, I'll update soon. =)

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