August 26, 2008

One year old Chuck & Bi

WOO. Yesterday marked my one year anniversary with boy. We have been together like a year already since 250807? Time really past fast.

Okay, so now let me talk about how we met. I first saw him during camp - Foreign Bodies camp. He was late on the very first day, wearing this grey singlet with jeans. Being late wasnt his attractive(as in seeking-attention LOL) point, is his mohawk hair. So yea, he's just another guy with special hair style.

It was my first time seeing him as he was in the Friday batch. After the camp, he change to Thursday batch instead. For that I dont know why too, maybe me? Lol.

Later on when we were separate into groups, he was in the same group as me - Fantastic Foursome. And you know what? This year '08 camp we are in the same group again. Though I know it may be planned by the committee members. We're fated! Hah. Anyway, Germaine, Sandra and me are like fated too! We're same for both years and in the same genre for production.

After the camp we went back home together with some of the peeps.

This is like the first picture we taken together. We look kind of alike that time already? Black tees, bermudas, black shoe and ultra-short hair.

After the camp, there are dance session organise by the junoirs too. I remember Bboygrim(in Fbodz forum) asked to have a Bboy session for those interesting in learning breakdancing. So it started for awhile, for some Eugenia join to learn breaking too.

See? He looked like a monk then. His mohawk was shaved.

There were outings in between where I would asked him to accompany me or I said I want to accompany him. I dont know why I become so daring to ask him out, perhaps I was curious about him? I remember watching The Simpsons(our first movie) and The Secrets(Jay Chou is love!).
For curious people, click on my archives.

On this particular day we chatted on the phone and he asked if i liked him. I deny at first and when he asked the second time, I agreed. I asked him too, he said he would tell me the next day. If his answer is "YES, I like you too", we have a possibility to get together.. If his answer is "NO, I dont like you" we wont be together. That whole night I cant sleep..

So his answer was a YES.

On 250807, we become boyfriend and girlfriend. He came over to Quilsilver/Roxy(my old workplace) find me.

So how can I not be glad I got into Foreign Bodies? Without you, I wont meet him. Without him, life wouldnt be the same anymore. Thanks you senoir(my batch) for giving me a chance to be in, I know I'm exceptional.

So now for the present, prsenting the present:

The actual JPG file. Pictures in sequence except last 3.

I made a poster for him as well as some goodies. Though you know what is in it already, still hope you like them. Anyway, before the pictures was taken, we went to Far East Plaza and ate chicken rice.


Pardon for looking so horrible. Now, time to sleep.

Rain or shine
capture the moments.

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