May 4, 2008

I feel good, goodbye for long.

As the title goes, i feel better with my shoulder length hair. I decided to took out my extension ysterday.. so now i look like a kid with my previously cut bangs. I sorta dye it brown/red but there's only a slight different. The guy told me it will become brighter when you wash for 2 - 3 times. Hmms...

I finally have a very clean washing of my hair cos i can like scratch it entirely. When i've got my hair extension i've to be more careful cos i scare i entangle the clips. I can comb my hair too and tie bun. HEH.

So saturday meet up with Liting, Trix, Yiling and zhihui. It been awhile since i see them since attachment.. everyone rather busy i suppose. We walked around bugis street, chat and etc.

We didn really take any pictures though. I just took 3 shots with Trix when we went over to Toa Payoh. Some pictures i look rather weird though and i've got a weird expression. Look at my teeth. Lol.

For the month of May, practice is only Thursday and (alternate)Saturday for me. I probably go down on most Friday too to see the junoirs. Hip-Hop Fusion will only start on next month.. Time for me to go open class for either Daniel Hip-Hop II or Xuehui Hip-Hop I?

Now, i've to arrange my time for work, family, dance, boyfriend and friends. Work hours is standardize already.. Dance practice too(maybe more if i want to practise myself), time with boyfriend.. I WANT MORE. We're both rather busy with our own stuff and we sorta put our dance as priority. GO BOY! You can do it. Family and friends.. weekends night or some weekdays. =D

I guess everyone wanna ask for more time..

I miss my boy, does he?

Cant ask for more
that's never enough
for that everything

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