May 7, 2008

Goodbye-to-be, Tuas?

Just ELEVEN more working days more.

Suddenly, I feel that school feel like a stranger to me. Perhaps having attachment out of school aint a good idea. I cant always bump onto farmiliar faces and then i got lost touch. I cant be on time for certain things too.. hmms.

But then again that makes me miss school.. make me miss the Tom Yam lamian from koufu, bubble tea and nuggets from south canteen. Lol. It make me miss napping in lecture and smuggling into someone's else lecture. I bet next year after i graduate i will start to miss those.

I start to miss how hard or how keen i'm on dance when i first got into FBODZ too.

Just now went to school to meet Andrea for dinner.. been awhile since i saw her though. I MISS HER! LOL. Sorta miss talking to her online during attachment and also during Club Crawl when we went around giving out flyers.. "JOIN DB"... "JOIN FB" ... "JOIN DB AND FB!!!!" xD

I went to block E and everyone really concentrating on Production. I wanted to try doing basics and turnings but feel kind of weird. I think i'm not so motivated to start my own, and perhaps too self-concious. So.. i just went home.

Boy not joining production anymore.. and another motivation down. HAH.

Hope tomorrow i'll be doing well, i wanna try to do good turns.. i'm really bad at it. Hope i wont let Theresa disppointed and ask me to join other genres. GO GO!

I so hope somethings can be turn back.. being farmiliarise and having that feeling back.

Anyway, thanks Valerie for always being so supportive! Though we seldom meet and see each other.. didn really talk much though, really appreciate those encouragement. I remember Danceworks you came alone too.. feel kind of bad didn talk much. GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING OKAY, rest well and drink water! Catch some naps in bus and trains. Haha.

Yea, gonna meet besties up next tuesday also. AND I WANNA GO SHOP WITH MUM.. I miss sentosa times with Eugenia too.

AI.. i'm seriously becoming some old granny like my "mouth" cant stop. Sorry to anyone if i nags too much, it's my habit. Sorry to boy especially. =b

I think i look like a kid suddenly. How old i look now?

Good night people, have a good rest.

If you watch me closely..

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