May 2, 2008

Red, yelllow and black.

Alright, i'm now in work place again. Three more weeks and i'm away from attachment, away from this U-lu-Uh-Lu Tuas area called First Lok Yang Road. Lol. But then again, after it got to be my Final Year Project, and that means 8 - 6 AWAKE hours again. Shrugs.


This week feel rather lifeless to dance, prolly next week will be my active week. Dance practice will be on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. If can i want to go down on Friday to see the new batch of junioirs. I hope i'm a good senoir to them though i'm not very good in dance.

Last audition later, i wonder how it will be like. I know nothing about the cherography. =(. Anyway the audition for non-nyp is like WOW.. they are so great. I hope i can be like them.. being able to freestyle is not easy.

I wanna buck up already. I guess i should go back oschool like how i did last year. It've been month since i step in there.. reggae or street jazz or maybe lyrical jazz course for me? I guess i have to choose when the new courses dates come in. Hmms... I haven been improving much.

Say is easier than done, i must say what i did and think then?

Yea man, this days the sun is like fire.. it burns into your skin and you feel so hot.. then you keep on perspire. I will like this weather if i'm in sentosa but i'm not. LOL. Perhaps, i should go swim this weekend and get a tanned.

I've alot of things in mind man, i feel like doing something to my hair. Should i continue to the extension? Or should i take it out? And if i keep the extension.. should i add somemore extensions? Should i dye my hair to brown/blonde/chestnut color? RAWR.

There's this urge suddenly.

That symbol
that weirdo
that volcano
that bull
that barney
but i still love.

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