May 11, 2008

"One mountain cannot have two tigers."

The ride of love is like a roller coaster, there's ups and downs. How much you can take the shock matters whether you are going to take the ride again...

Just now was the passing down ceremony at Jasmine's house(I bet alot are staying overnight). I feel that it was more of a gathering session for out batch and the senoirs/grandsenoirs batch. We didn take much pictures though and the pictures taken with my camera yuck/blur.. =( I guess i need to save up and buy a new camera in 4 months time? Or maybe in a year time i get those super big and good camera, then i go learn photography? HEHE.

So yea man, we took the bus from Sembawang and the bus was full of us. THE YELLOW BANANAS. xD Then we walk a small distance before reaching our destination.

Jasmine's house is kind of big and got many small cute cousin too. Everyone of us sort of stone when we reached that. After some went off to watch TV - THE POWERPUFF GIRLS from Cartoon Network. Heh.. some went to play card game. And yea, at night after the passing down ceremony, played heart attack too. After was Sandra's card game.. I like that alot! All of us really have a good laugh. "WATERMELON!!! ..DURIAN! MANGOSTEEN! DRAGONFRUIT!.. GUAVA! ORANGE! BANANA! ....etc." Lol. I think we can consider that game during Fbodz camp.

This is the committee members for the year. Hanisah wasnt in here 'cos she went off, did i miss out anybody else? This is my clearest picture in the camera.. the rest of those were zoom and very blur. Then almost everyone eye were red. Shrugs.

Check out Andee aka Bamboo face! HAH.

Anyway i want to thanks the senoirs for giving me a chance to be part of the family.. thanks for trusting me. Though i'm still not very good now.. i will be better next time. Thanks Ian for telling me what happen then.. =)

I love Fbodz though there's something deep in.

A moment ago, i've so much to type that is off in my mind. Now, it's like empty again.. I bet i need some sleep, or perhaps i shouldnt think too much. There's something i need to withstand. I need to be strong.. and i've got to be more independent.

So much so much awaits us, we just cant give up.


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