April 12, 2008

High and Low peaks.

Nowadays things aint going smoothly.. I dont know am i getting disappointed of myself or to others. I guess i've tried and perhaps no one sees it. Ir's okay, it's okay.. doesnt't matter.....

Wont be going dance for the final song later.. feel kind of tired though. The mood of the hype suddenly goes down in one BOOM. I feel bad if i don go but i feel that maybe.. I dont know, i'm having a lot of mix feelings lately.

Sentosa? YEA, i so miss the sun.

I'm like so CHAO TA back then at 2006. HAH. I kind of miss this color though.

Deadline are like keep piling up.. why my company seems like have so little staffs at the Multimedia session? I hope attachments ends soon, i dont like the feeling of rushing everyday and then not having a proper dinner. Sighs.

Family? Ahh, i think i got to observe how things goes.. i dont feel as belong anymore. Why is this feeling coming back?

I shant give up.. Lots of things await me.

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