April 20, 2008

Dark Clouds.

I fall sick yesterday. DAMN =( But i'm still glad i didn fall sick during the practices and performance day.

I feel rather restless to do anything and i lie at sofa or bed the whole day. Thanks boy for taking care of me till late afternoon. I cant go for Farhan's Chalet though.. feel a little sad. Then i feel i bored you out cos i dont feel like doing anything. Glad you have fun at the chalet.

Club Crawl over.. Everything was great but i thought we all could have did better. Hmms, pictures will be up soon.. Thanks Rachel and H.Peng to help me video the performance.. i was busy looking around for people. Heh.

Sentosa last saturday too.. For so long i haven been wearing a dress.

Take care people, audition just next week.

I love
love you.

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