April 26, 2008

Drained out - long post&new profile/layout.

It's been days i haven really have a good sleep. I miss sleeping and lying on the bed for very long.

Few hours ago was our Eight month, the date mean something to me. Busy with audition and watching people dancing. I didn even really say a proper hello to him, probably less than 15 sentences of talking.. and not even a hug. HAH. Nevermind, nvm...

The club i strive hard to be in...


Being there aint easy and now i gonna work even harder. That passion of mine aint as much as last time, the confidence in my eyes drops too. I've no idea what happen.. maybe i feel less motivated already. (Those sparkling eyes/confidence eyes when i take picture dims too.) Shrugs.

Things started to change between people and i need time too.

But afterall i enjoy some stuffs. I enjoy being able to lead people of what i've go through this far.. Past few days was the audition, i feel great when those i try to help out smile back at me. I remember this feeling when i was having audition(TWICE) when i cant catch my stuffs and got all panic. Then when it's show case i got so nervous that i forget my steps. Lol. Anyway, there's some people i like and i really hope they will become our junoirs.. and i see how much effort they put in. Still, i think i'm not ready to be a senoir.. try my best ya? Hah.

Hmms, pictures for Club Crawl 2008 is up on my picasa/google album.. i figure out how to use and is easier. Heheh. Day one videos are up too.. hope i've got time to upload the day two.

There's (1/2) and (2/2).. it's a continuous! Heh.

Pictures link here: http://picasaweb.google.com/xinfucao/ClubCrawl2008

My next performance would be during Jam and Hop. I hope i wont get as nervous and show a pale face, EXPRESSION PLEASE. A year already and i still as stoned. I dont understand why i always turn so pale and why i still get nervous. I remember during Danceworks with people watching and i feels okay. OH MI GOD.

And that day is 23th which is my last day of attachment. HURRAY!

On Thursday i was being a bad intent, i said i was sick and when early to school instead. It's been a while since i can come school at three and in the studio. Great, but i didn dance as much.

Few weeks ago, Sentosa with boy too and i didn get tanned. I so hope to get more tanned so i will have rosy cheeks. Eheh.

My eye look as if i wanna cry. LOL.

Okay, now a close up look of EYES.. and i didn know my eyelashes could be that long due to the angle of the camera.

I simply love this view.

I drew something, something deep in.


The sun wasnt so sunny. Shrugs.

The timer did a great job. It make the shot look romantic. HAH.

This is candid.. i know i look kind of horrible.

Now, head to toe shots..

I like this kind of shots, no idea why too.

We saw this doggy on our way,

..the dog doesnt want to go near me. Jon say he gt dog smell so it follows. Oh well..

I haven been really have fun this days. I miss wearing dress, shorts and slippers. But still i like the baggy style too.. Hope my online shoes and etc come soon! WEE.

It's so late now.. i haven been sleeping so late and updating my blog too. Been really long-winded like i got years of things to say.

I really dont wanna hide anymore.

Dont wanna try
dont wanna try no more.

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