March 9, 2008

Working blues.

I'm kind of upset i cant go for most of the Club Crawl meetings. So you see my workplace is at Tuas(Boon Lay area) and then it ends at 530pm.. I hope the coming week.. i could at least go for 2 - 3 meetings, i wanna be part of them too! It's been a week since i dance, i feel that i grow really fat and my bone have become stiff. RAWR.

Okay, talking about work.. it was pretty alright. My job is to do photoshop, that is to crop out some pictures and put into powerpoint slides. Then i did a little of flash and copy&paste. That's what i do for the first week, prolly there's more things to learn. Colleagues are nice.. Kevin OGL happen to work in that company, food is nice and cheap BUT the working place still abit troublesome.

So now.. pictures from Danceworks 2008. I seldom online in the night already 'cos i sleep pretty early, so grab the pictures if you see your face in there. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

I miss you guys, FBODZ.. miss me? LOL.

With Sandra and Jiarui.

With Sandra, her expression damn dope.

With Val, thanks for always being so supporting! ..and was pretty shock you came down to support. Hehe.

Sandra and Kenny.

Christie and Ryuta.

Audrey and Jiarui.

Beverly, Christie and J.

Look at Ian at the background.. hah. With Mike, Jasmine and Tricia.

With Kenny. Jiayou for your attachment too! HAHA.

With Jiarui.. GO GO!

With Tyron.. ah-ron-ty.

With Beverly.. she look like some doll.

With Germaine.

With Jasmine, she's hot.

With Diane, she's really cute! =D

With Baoxin.. Bun.

With Audrey.

With Love, Chuck. Thanks for coming to support though stuffs were quite complicated. LOVE YOU LOTS.

And this is my favourite picture.

Presenting ReFlec! =D

Family picture but i aint in there. =( Anyone got the other version with me in there?

Time to work hard! And need to arrange my time for love, friends, work and dance. And yes yes.. thanks to senoir and friends who come to support us during Danceworks! Thanks Eugenia and Val! =D

I miss youuuuuu......... Hope we got more meeting chances.

Boo boo boo

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