March 16, 2008

Things going that way.

Friday i got really upset. When i was working.. the E-book publisher program go haywire again. My thumbnails kept on going missing when i add in the pages. So i need to resize pdf files pages to 120*150.

At night, i went to school for dance and i always cant remember some steps.. Sorry Baoxin for keep making you pek cek. Hah. Then then i didn get the ticket to TP cos there's no more? =(

I call back home and mum scolded me. WHAT a day i've.

Nevermind. Saturday went to Fuyo Inter-School 2008 instead.. It was a different experience when i watch it. Maybe because Boy was joining the competition too.. and i see alot of farmiliar faces there. JIAYOU AH BOY! You guys gonna be better next year.. together with Rafee and Faizal's brother. Heh. Ian, David and Yijie perform there too.. they're the guest of performance.. Yo Sunset Alleycats.

Hmms, i cut my fringe to bangs. I look like some China doll and ah gong. But is a new experience 'cos i haven had that fringe for 3 - 4 years? Lol.

It's been very long since i last shopped. I feel like buying that tank top and the shorts.. but they are kind of expensive. RAWR.

And ya, have a chat with Mum just now.. I asked issit when you start to grow older you will have lesser good friends? Why is it that when you have your soulmate you start to neglect your good friends? Those who are good with you at some moment suddenly turned to strangers?

My Mum say Yea, life's like that. You got to get use to it.

Sometimes i say or will do something but i keep on dragging. Sometimes i think or maybe being too quiet is a big problem but i cant help it. I dont start talking to people and so i wont bring them closer to me. So where are they? I want them back.

Am i being neglected or am i neglecting myself to others?

I am feeling rather ironic today. Kind of bored though and i guess those wild thoughs run into me again..

Love you boy, you.

Best Friends
NO Strangers..

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