December 23, 2007

Tick tock and it strikes.

Oh well, i'm finally eighteen(and today i'm eighteen+seven days old).

This time my birthday was something different cos for the first time someone appeared at my doorstep, at twelve o'clock.. At first i was really upset 'cos i thought he wont be there. I was with Eugenia on the 15th and she called and asked him. He said he aint those typical guy who appeared and i was disappointed. But he did :D

Hmms.. so on the 15th i went to Eug's house then we set of to City Hall at night. She treat me Gelare and the last time i ate waffle there was with her. And i remembered that time we were broke but still want to eat that. Lol.

WOOHOO, the yummy chocolate chip waffle top with whipped cream and chocolate icecream. The serving was quite big for me and it make me really full. Heh. The waitress too sang me birthday song and followed by a tiramisu cake.

You want some?
..and thanks babe for everything! The celebration and all with me.


He stayover at my house and we went out on the 16th. We went out for awhile 'cos Mum making steamboat at evening. We went over to his house to feed the dog and then went to take neoprint. AND this is my first time taking neoprint with my boyfriend(or a guy). HAHHA.

Anyway, as long as there are white walls around.. HDB area can also be nice place to take picture. YEA, this dress is credit to Eugenia.. thanks woman! Haha.

Free photoshoot in the neoprint machine, with credits to the timer. Hah.

This is the aftermath after the steamboat.
All i wanna say is Thanks you boy for everything you done on my birthday and it gonna be the best birthday ever. LOVE YA! TEEHEE. Thanks Mum for preparing all the food stuff for the steamboat too.. Bro and Gf for the photoframe, Dad and Grandma for the angbaos. Last but not least..


I gonna be a big girl now.

and i wished upon..
will my wishes come true?

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