December 3, 2007

Bon Voyage

Dad and Mum went overseas and i guess it's their third trip to China. This time they're going Gui Zhou. Hope their journey would be fun and really happy. Safe journey too! And is funny that on the 9th Dec my parents are back, Jona's Mum gonna be off to China for vacation. Later, Eugenia would be back from China. HAHAH, everyone is flying around and then coming back...


Dad and Mum were really happy that we send them off, together with Bro and his gf too. That day i wore a dress and my Bro said i look formal, and he say it dont suit me. TSK TSK. Jona wore pretty nice too cos i asked him to. HEH. He's my handsome boy that day :D

We saw this Christmas decorations at the airport and we waited awhile to take pictures. There's this few indians infront taking picture with the decorations non-stop. RAWR. Aint they nice? My Dad and Mum look kind of cute too. Lol.

After sending them off, Bro and me went separate ways. Jona and me went around Vivo City to shop. Bro went Tampiness with his gf. I MISS SHOPPING BUT I'm EMPTY-HANDED.

I asked him to try out shirt in Espirit and i think they looked great. HAH. The checkered design is nicer or the striped design? Hmms.. and the size differet is XXL for checkered and M for stripes. Heh. Boy, buy more shirts ya? :)

YEA, the day before(1st Dec) was our 99th day together. Yesterday was our 100th day together.. and this post is written on the 101th day. Time pass somehow ya? and first time eating Pastamania together on the 99th day. LMAO..

My handsome pizza boy. HAHAH. Or perhaps my camera angle was good that he look rather handsome? xD Tsk tsk, he look kind of some Hong Kong Ah Beng too. To Love, it's been quite some time we've been together, hope we're be together as long as possible ya? :DDD

Hmms, been very long since i posted such long post with pictures.. then describe how things actually happen. I miss my photo blog, anyone miss that too?

I gonna miss my parents, my friends and my boy(ALWAYS).

People, buck up for studies.. Common test week ya? Danceworks 2008 too!

I gonna let you know
I feel so weak
'without your touch
I never thought i could
'ever love a man so much
I gonna let you know we're destiny
That's right baby
I goin crazy
I'm gonna be your lady
I'm been thinking lately

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