November 24, 2007

All was a misunderstanding.
Peace Yo :)
<3 Boy.

Perhaps patience was a venture, but to some excuses?

Hello people.. as usual it's been very long since i updated my blog. And as usual here is what i want to convey to others when i cant express out. Gonna be an emo girl again i suppose?

I dont have enough time already and i'm still slacking. Perhaps in some point of time i may explode. Keep aside that, that's not the main issue. I'm not a punctual person at some point of time or perhaps always for some people. I'm sorry and i did try my best to be on time. I wanted to meet this paticular just because i wanted to see him awhile, i wanted to meet this particular cos i bring him water(that particular bottle with full cooler water), i wanted to just take the same route home. So perhaps all those was wrong and ya cos i was late.

I thought that particular should be more patience? Or maybe in his dictionary there wasnt such and though i'm someone special i aint exceptional.

Let me ask you this, shouldnt a boy wait for a girl? For perhaps maybe a while longer..

Cos' of time there's always unhappiness or perhaps my emo mind make it worst till now there's this post in my blog. I think i dislike time but somehow it aint true. Time makes certain things grow stronger yet it's also distance?

Am i wrong?

... i see tomorrow's tomorrow.

When i know you
cry baby become my buddy

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