October 16, 2007

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Xiuhui: Saw ya that time with shanling and germaine. Ehehe.
yang: Thanks alot =D
Zack: You owe me one. Hah.
Val: I'm v happy to see u also! thanks for always popping by my blog and encourage me. I still have a long way to go for dance, jiayou also! and hope to see you soon.. take care ya. LOVE.

In this game, there's no rule.

Sometimes you can be happy like mad but sometimes you just go bonkers. Like the game or not you still gonna hold on 'cos there's something that lingers on.. the love that's still there and the love that's still growing.

School reopen already and i'm still as pack. The tired and sleepy eyes on my face, and probably the eye bags too. I hope this sememster my gpa will go up to at least three like how i score during year one.

I think a detail post and alot of pictures wont be up. I'm getting lazier and that explains. Time for donut or FOOD craze.. speaking of which, i remember during the first lesson of Communication Skills Two, during the self-introduction.. i told the teacher i like to eat and dance.. so dont stop me. LOL.

I just bought one donut from donut factory 'cos there's no queue and the only flavour left. Strawberry heart. Heh. And this days i simply eat too much junk food that all my moolahs is gone, to adds-on.. i've all the fats all over my tummy. Hmms, still want me? you-know-who :D

Time for tibits.

'Cos it will be conquer
and nothing will be left
except the bit and pieces.

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