July 24, 2007

Too much to say.

Hello, work on Sunday was boring but i got a surprise.

Let me illustrate this scenario. The whole day when i was working, i got really bored. I kept going to the loo(peach mints sweets when eat too much become laxavatives(spells?)). Then at night time i was bored so i went to try tops. THEN WHEN I CAME OUT.. i was pretty shock 'cos i saw some of the fb peeps.

Thanks for the visit guys! XIE XIE Justin, Tyron, Weejian and YekPeng. Then after went to find them at Mac Donald and we took crazy pictures. And tata, we took the train to Marina Bay and bounce back home.

See the position of our tongues. HAH.

The monster attack. OCTOPUssss.

Notice the change ONE.

Notice the change TWO.

HAH, i dont know why i lie on the floor but i guess i go way too crazy. Ypeng commented that he didn know i was "their-type". He thought i was those very quiet and gentle kind.. but i go abit mad. So.. DONT BE DECEIVE BY MY LOOKS. Or maybe when it's time to take pictures.. i lost my image. Lol.

Aiyah, slping soon. And to fruits, i will post about your soon(if your even see this)! =D

"You ass."

I love you
you love me
we are happy family

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