June 9, 2007

Hello, i'm back alive.

I found out this days my life wasnt at all smooth. I got an eye infection and fever the past weeks, and now i got my ankle injured. I dont quite remember how i sprained it till it become swollen.. but the practice on Thursday make my leg worst.

Jessica, you gonna rest.. FOR THE LONG JOURNEY SAKE.

Now, it's officially the two weeks study break. I feel that two weeks aint enough. So you see i've got work on Sunday(1030-930), and probably Monday(930 - 6). I dont think i can make it and standing long hours will only worsen my ankle. Rawr, i shall try calling and ask. I sorta scare they think i'm giving excuses.

After from the sixteen to nineteen i will be off to genting. Then there's Fbodz camp from the twenty-first to twenty-three. And on the twenty-four, i have to work again.

Nowadays i'm getting more emo. I feel the ache inside and physically ache too.

..and it feels kind of weird not going Oschool for open classes, I think considering the coming week and next. It will add up to one month. I MISS YOU OSCHOOL. Besides that, i cant go for The Big Groove concert this year. Shrugs, what a waste.

Sorry May for giving you lot of request, my body just wouldnt want to listen to me. All the sickness all come in a BOOM.

Alright, tons of pictures to be uploaded.. Work, school, besties and BLAH.

05 May 2007(working day)

The twins in action. HEH.

13 May 2007(working day)

We're trying the new DC tops.

17 May 2007(with Xue and Wen)

I love you BUDS! And pardon if i seldom meet your up though we just leave a few blocks away. We gonna have an outing on Tuesday ya? Hopfully i can make it if not your come to visit me alright!? Ehehe.

20 May 2007(working day)

Lena, Joseph, Jessica, Arthur and Amin.

We're the Quiksilver crew in black.

The uber cool Joseph and the retarded Jessica.

22 May 2007(school day)

Hmms, on that day went to AMK hub with Trix so as to wait for time to pass. Teehee.


01 June 2007(school day)

As usual, Friday is night class. And it's kind of coincidence i always bump into this guy i know from the arcade a year ago. Till now i still dont know his name but waves hello. LOL.

Did i mention i like the programming teacher from night class? He's uber funny and my programming kind of improve. Still of school work.. i know nuts and that me kind of stress.

After meet Xue and Wen then walked home.


Now introducing my new top,

I quite like this top 'cos there's a camera. Sometimes i hope i'm a photographer but oh well.. it seems to me that i like to take pictures of myself than objects. BLAHhhh.

03 June 2007(working day)

Lena and me acting like some B-girl. LOL.

04 June 2007(with Eug)

I went to school on this particular Monday to meet my babe. I went for facial in the afternoon and was suppose to go for classes in Oschool but went smuggling to Eug's class(which was a wrong choice cos i feel weird) and then to her house. She gave me a number of tops. EHeheh.

During the bus ride. Heh, the hoodie girl.

Of all the tops, i like this the best. Though she didn give me but i took a picture with it. Nice?

I feel the fear and stress.
Please recover, dance still.

What's left spoken is spoken
all you've to do is to
feel what aint spoken.

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