June 10, 2007

Damn, my holidays are ruined.

Hello, boredom kills. And yes, try to spot the outstanding one among the rest of the emotions. I'm not working for today and tomorrow, THANKS PAUL for covering me. LOVE LOVE.


Now i'm stuck at home with tweety accompany me. He've been one of my favourite toy since i'm young.

I've been swallowing muscle relaxation pills, painkillers since dont know when. I think swallowing pills is a chore and i dont like the taste. Whatever or ANYTHING it is, i will recover. =)

Anyway to the peeps who read my blog, actually my leg aint that serious.. just swollen and cant walk much(but my mum say prolly have to rest for one week or two till it fully recover). I just feel kind of sad when i couldnt go anywhere like town(for shopping). And my only big main concern is dancing.

The month of May and June spells sickness for me.

What if the future
doesnt seems to be
What if the feeling
dosent seems to be
What if the one
doesnt seems to be..

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