June 15, 2007

Bon voyage.

In few hours time i'll be off, off to genting. I dont actually feel the excitement, somehow i wanted to stay in Singapore. I feel that time aint enough, and i'm like bloody slack that i know nuts of my modules.. and when is the common test dates. HELPPPPPPpppppppp!

But somehow i hope the trip will be fun, fun as it i can take alot of pictures. Fun as it's the second time i went to another place.. with my family.


Alright, enough of being naggy.

On Tuesday, went out with besties. We went to Orchard and then to Bugis. Tsk tsk, pardon that my leg dont cooperate that day that i've to stop all the time.

Featuring photo buddy Wen and me. TEEHEE.

This is Wen, Jess and Na.

With Xue.

That is how unglam i am.

BLAH, my fringe spoilt the picture.

The four of us.

The tree of us left after Anna went home for tution.. and this is like the first time i wear such a long skirt.

We're camwhoring, showing our teeths. =E.

Hmms, i found this book at the library few days ago. It's a book by Fann Wong and i found it rather cute..

When i'm lonely.

Sunsine boy.

Every moment.

I love you.

Besides the book, i found interesting ways to take pictures with the mirror.

OHH, and now i can see my twin. HEH.

Rawr, i didn went for Fbodz practice yesterday. I heard there's a new choereography and needs alot of isolation. I haven been dancing or moving my body since i injured my ankle, hopfully i will catch up in the upcoming camp.

I need to catch up in knowing new people, catch up with those i have lost contact for a while, catch up with what i'm having and i need to catch up with schoolwork.

Goodbye and will be back with more pictures.

My photo blog full of my retarded face. LOL.

I lie awake at night
see things in black and white
I only get you inside my mind

All my pretty pretty boy
I love you like i
never never love
no one before you
pretty pretty boy all night
just tell me you love me too

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