February 19, 2007

I'm waiting to be acknowledge.

Have you wonder how much life you smoke away if you ever smoked? And have you wonder how much you taken others life, by letting them smoke what is called.. the second-hand cigarette. I hope everyone i know, who do smoke.. PLEASE QUIT. It's for your own body good, pocket good and for my good. Lol.

Aiyah, i went dancing on the friday. I am addicted to the camera and so i did phototaking.. especially when there are nice caps around. Ehehe. Here comes the red cap gang. I think Leonard small boy is cute(third roll), and he teach me dance. Lol.


(My Papa who is shy to take pictures with me. LMAO.)

(My BOTAK brother and the SPASTIC sister. Ehehe.)

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Yesterday is the first day of CNY, and that means i've to go my grandmother house for celebration. It's with the usual blackjack where you win or lose, and so i lose a little. =/. I'm rather upset when the relatives say i've grow fatter. But i'm happy when my uncle say i grow more "feng man". HAHAH. I think is the dress that makes me seems that way. And i forget to mention i ate TEN chicken wings just now. OhMyTiannnnn.

I think humans are rather contradict. When i dont have a shoulder to lean on, i so wished i've one. Now i've got one soon-to-be shoulder, i start to worry. I worry about alot of stuffs that i feel a little ache in my heart. And then i wonder if it's strong enough. BUT if i worry or continue being a pessimist with regards to love, things wont last.

SO AZA AZA i should be.

I think what i want is to feel secure, and having that particular to understand me. But whatever it is, nature shall take it course. Whatever will be, will be.

Oh ya, i've to meet up alot of peeps next month! I'll call your out. =D

the mind is overrated,
and all you really need

is a stout heart
and a single eye

to watch a tree that grows forever.

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