February 16, 2007

There's warmth, at that particular moment.

My Valentine's Day wasnt that bad afterall. YT came to visit me and accompany me to break.. then Ray came to meet me after work. Liting too came and visit me. Heh. Thank alot, really! =D

Yesterday was the first time i went for facial.. what i can comment is that i feel nice and horrible. First, she need to squeeze out those pimples and blackheads.. and that's double ouch. Second, she steam my face and i feel that i cant breathe properly. LOL. Lastly, it was comfy because of the massage. And i believe i'm exaggerating(sp?) a little 'cos i'm so not use to it.

After i wandered around orchard and guess who i saw?

I saw Yanshan and Xiaoqian..

It've been a long time since i saw them. =D

After, went to meet Besties for dinner at Ajisen. I was very full 'cos of the big bowl noodle. Stel come and join us next time alright? Eheh. We took tons of pictures and i shall upload the few i like..

Reflections reflects us.

I'm the clown.

The olden days.

I was day-dreaming. =/

Emo kid.

Now you know how crazy i can be.

Xue's too tall. LOL.


Aiyah, i just did a sin. My dad bought satay home and then he asked if i wanted. I said no firmly and replied: "WAH, so late eat satay.. so fat lah." And at the very next moment you see me happily munching at the satay, "Woo, so nice." I believe this is the reason why i cant get the fats off my tummy. =/

I want more moolahs so i cant wait for Chinese New Year.

I think i'll have a permanent shoulder to lean on soon.

Love is a word, another kind of open,
not marble nor the glided monuments.
Something left unfinished, out of inferior matter,
regardless grown.

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