January 15, 2007

I dont quite know you, or you.

(Want some coke? Lol.)

TO TEACHER, my English is lousy but you aint any better. You just dont dare to say your real name. Since my English is lousy, why bother to read.. and then say i'm lousy? TSK.

I'm tired and i always say i've alot of homework to do, and i've got no time. Then i face the computer the time i get home, and chat in MSN with a number of peeps.

Just now, i did something amazing.. i went to wax my legs. HAHAH. The amount of hair that shown to me by the girl in honeypot was amazing. My colleague told me $30 bucks is expensive. ..and thinking back it's really expenseive. =[ BUT look at my legs now! WOO.

Okay, on Friday(12 of January) was my Hip Hop 1, lesson one. Everything wasnt so bad 'cos i can catch up with most of the steps. Nigel and Kenneth saw me dancing and they said i'm quite stiff. Lol. I'll be better after a few more lesson! I BELIEVE I CAN!

(At Oschool.)

(Eddie the BIGGIE.)

(Hamtaro Ken and Biggie Ed.)

(Smallie J with Ed's cap.)

Here's some of the pictures during work with Bk on Saturday. Bk looked cool with the shades! LOL. I didn take with that. =[



Aiyah, no one is true. So dont treat me too good, i'll fall then fall and fell.

Whatever spicy can be said to be
Whatever bitter can be said to be
not bitter,
Whatever sour can be said to be
not sour,
In this pack of lies
i think i'll be happier.

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