January 30, 2007

I dont quite know.

YT asked me a question last night. He asked me if you dont dare to talk a person or your tongue-tied when talking to the person, is that liking? Yes, that's liking i suppose. You wont dare to look at the direction of the person, 'cos you afraid he know you're looking at him. And i think that explains how i feel towards i-know-who.

I sure miss i-know-who(he-dont-know), so near yet so far.

Anyway, i have been sleeping at three plus four for the past three days. I feel like a walking zombie, i feel that at any moment i may just fall asleep, ANYWHERE. Lols. Just now i didn went for Hip Hop open class, i feel abit weird but still, my body need a rest. I've to get ready for the long fight. =/

On saturday, i went to my neighbour's wedding after working till six. I was rather amaze at the hotel 'cos i haven been attending wedding or whatever events. I was also amaze when they show the videos of the couple, then there's champange pouring, and they walked down the carpeted floor to their sits. Everyting seems so nice and beautiful. Then i wondered, will i be like them? Or when will i have a boy?

I wished them happy together for a long time. Till the time when their hair grow white and their teeths are gone.=D

..and i have to mention at the dinner, i was the only young girl in the table. So the uncles and aunties kept asking me to eat and my plate was full of food. HAHAH. They called me "xiaomei".

..and i have to mention i was so bored that i kept taking pictures and then stare at the waiters.

Pretty Bride.

The reception.

Teehee, the couple bear.


Now, mum and me.

Pretty mum.

..small eyes and big eyes.

After the dinner, we went walking around.

My Chinese New Year's greeting. =D

Look at the lightnings! Lol.

Okay, here's HOT mama.

Here's some pictures with eug..

Nice yea? During her birthday party.

..and lesbian-isms in action. HAHHA.


Der Mann liebt die Frau?

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