January 25, 2007

Be my valentine.

Woman, just wanted to say.. we're be good friend for as long as possible okay? Today is your birthday so here what i've to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, happy birthday to EUGENIA... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! =D

And this kuku, weird, noob, block, crazy, small, cute(;p), self-obssesed, short term memory friend of yours do cares. Hope we'll go out and shop soon, cam-whore and stuffs too. STAY PRETTY, SEXY, and GLAMORUS always. Heh.

YES, i wore jumpers to school yesterday. Some of them commented it's weird, like small kid and etc.. but i still like the jumpers. WEE. ..and that includes cam-whoring.

I asked Zhihui to help me take the backview of it.


Outside my house..

Saw my jumpers frontview? LOL.

Aiyah, i think i've this habit already. I sleep late 'cos i want to chat with this few.. they make me happy 'cos of the crab and lobster we talk. I sleep late 'cos i'm addicted to daze and do nothing. I look dead in school 'cos i didn get to see this few.

AIYAH, i wonder if anyone remembers there's this woman called Jessica. I feel abit upset cos no one cares, not no one cares but just care about some things. What talking me?


Valentine is coming, HAH.

The sparkles in my eyes -
YOU or you.

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