January 24, 2007

Get a life.

It's been ages since i updated. Well, school have been rather pack. Two projects need to be handed up on friday, and the coming few weeks.. there were be common tests and exams. Frankly speaking, i cant wait for the holidays to come, i need a whole chunk of sleep. I'm a BIG PANDA already.

Anyway, last week there's this Communication Skills presentation. All of us wore formals and taking of pictures is a MUST. I look rather horrible or ugly in alot of the pictures, so i'll post those that i look okay. And to peeps-know-who, for GOD SAKE, i never ever say i was hot or pretty or whatever in my blog. So if you want to compare, i'm OUT.

Black and white.


Formal VS Informal.

Anyway, tomorrow is Eugenia birthday. In advance,


Yes, there's a bbq party at her house the previous Sunday. I stayover at her house, dope. Lol.

This is Jess and Eug.

May ur wishes come true yea? SMILE WOMAN. =)

Anyway, went to the rooftop with the peeps.

I like this two shots i took. =D

Emo kids.

Feeling so alone.

Woo, will post more pictures when Eug send me hers.

On monday, went for open class for Hip Hop 1 again. I can follow the steps but i look like a block. =/ Later on, went over to smu. Here's some pictures taken with sharon, with special effects! LOL.

..i should feel blessed yes?


..to Yang and Weiliang. Their birthday on the 23rd, which is yesterday. =|

I feel like cutting my fringe, cut all the way straight like some nerd. I feel like being really nerd to school. I feel that i shouldnt confess 'cos i'm nt sure.

(Presenting my favourite soft toy - tweety. He's with me since primary school.)

I painted my nails black, BLACK.

Lead me -
to where i can,
reach you.

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