December 21, 2006

There's this lost and emptiness.

It's been quite a number of days since i updated, and this implies that alot of photos will be up.

I'm thinking if too much photos are up from my blog, it may become too boring already.. yes?

So here are the photos on the sixteen of December(my officially seventeen)..

I forget to say i went swimming with Xue in the morning.

It's been like three to four months since i swim, and that explains why i become much more fairer. Next week i must swim again, if not i wont have a chance to when school reopen. Everything is so packed.. i've got school from monday to friday, and work on saturday and sunday. Moreover, i've a few projects to clear.

I need time - for friends, for school and family.

(At Fish and Co..)

Yes, i'm hooked. ;p

We got a little bored so we treat that as a BIG biscuit.


Here comes our drink, passion-something(i forgot)..

I tried to capture this. Eheh.

And Trix tried to capture this.

Zhihui dont like to take pictures. =[

Here comes the food..

And POOF! There's goes our Seafood platter, Teriyaki salmon and New York's fish and chips.

After, we asked the waiter to help prepare the cake.

I aint twenty nine, the waiter got it wrong and put all the candles in. LOL. Zhihui say i no need to celebrate my birthday for the next twelve years. GREAT, =[

But those candles makes me laugh like mad.

Now, my correct age - seventeen.

Make a wish.

This sure is candid.

This is the process of cutting the cake, and i actually laugh to the cake. HAH.


I saw this at Marina Square, and yes my DARLING BOY.

Mirror reflects, i love.

Jess and Trix. =D

End of sixteen December.

On eighteen December(monday) - Outing with besties.

The four of them. =D

With Xue.

With Stel, and i show my teeth! =E.

Anna, Stel, Wen and Xue.

The horizontals.

The verticals.

I think the picture of me dont look like me.


The last picture is funny yea? HAHHA. We're trying to jump but we failed.

Sepia effect..

I close my eyes on the picture. =[

The happy couple. Ha.

The flight.

Though we look weird(or ugly), i kind of like this shot. =D

End of eighteen December.

I need to sleep, am really tired.

Tiny of droplets it goes
piak piak piak
washing down the strains
shoo shoo shoo.

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